The Road To Paleo – Part 1

The Road To Paleo – Part 1

Apr 12

The state of my well being is completed dictated by the food I eat.  Its really that simple.  When I eat processed, sugary, and nutritionally deficient foods, I feel like complete dog shit.  There is such a direct correlation between my mood and what I eat that if you catch me with a case of the grumps and asked me what I had for breakfast, you’d know exactly why I was being such a pill as soon as I answered.  When I don’t eat ‘well’, my body physically aches and rebels.  And when my body aches, its puts me in a pissy mood.  

It wasn’t always this way, but as I look back at my health history, I can pretty much pinpoint the turning point as my 30th birthday.  The 30th birthday is a mofo.  When I have friends that turn 30, I typically tell them to get ready, as their warranty just expired.  Shit gets real at 30.  Its not a death sentence by any stretch, but your 30s is that period in your life when you have to accept and adapt to a body that doesn’t respond or rebound the way it used to.  Things start to hurt. Workouts take longer to recover from.  And as I’ve come to find out, food becomes a problem (and also a solution).

My first experiments with food began in my early 30s, although I didn’t realize at the time that this was actually what was happening.  I went thru a period in my life that lasted about 18 months where my digestive system completely imploded.  My body simply refused to digest food.  I was working like crazy and really didn’t have time to think about the bizarre changes that were occurring, so for a long time I just accepted it for what it was and assumed it was stress related.  But as the months dragged on, I started to worry as it didn’t seem normal that everything I put into my body came right back out.

With little help from my doctor (don’t get me started), I took it upon myself to initiate a self-examination of what I was putting into my body and then systematically removed things one by one until I could figure out if something food-related was causing my digestive distress.

One by one I eliminated different foods, but nothing changed.  It was frustrating as hell, but I kept at it.  This is a process that took months, with little or no progress. Just as I was about to give up my experiment, I decided to eliminate something that had been a part of my everyday life for as long as I can remember: Milk.  With 12-14 hour work shifts being the norm, I’d make a point of getting out of the studio at least once to remind myself that the outside world still existed.  The local Starbucks and a Café Latte gave me a chance to step out of the box and be around actual human beings instead of keyboards, recording equipment, and patchbays. But that couldn’t possibly the problem, right?  I drank milk with my breakfast cereal EVERY DAY for the first 30 some-odd years of my life, so there was no way that could be the problem.  Hell, sometimes I ate cereal for breakfast, dinner, AND dessert..  The song “Breakfast Club” by Z-Trip was MADE for me.

Z-Trip – “Breakfast Club”

So what happened when I eliminated milk from my diet?  As I’m sure you can guess, my digestive problems all but disappeared.  To this day I don’t know if I’m lactose intolerant or what, as I’ve never had it tested.  But I do know this….I eliminated milk from my life, and it permanently changed things for the better.  I didn’t realize it then, but this would be the first step in a long process of food experimentation that would eventually lead me to the Paleo life.

To Be Continued…….