New Goals and Race Schedule For 2013

New Goals and Race Schedule For 2013

Mar 21

With this latest setback with the foot that refuses to cooperate, I’v had to re-evaluate my goals and race plans for 2013.

Ironman California 70.3 and Ironman Hawaii 70.3 are on the shelf.   I have to be off my foot for the next 2 months, which definitely eliminates any possibility of doing either of the races.  When I inquired about the WTC’s refund policy as it relates to injury, I was graciously told that there isn’t one.


While I really wanted to throw down at Hawaii this year, there’s always next year.  Its disappointing to say the least but in the end it just wasn’t meant to be.  In the meantime, I can swim, and I plan on swimming A LOT.

I’ve come up with a new race plan that’s built around swimming for the near-term and then moves over to running once my foot is healed.  None of this is set in stone, but the schedule is probably going to look something like this:

2013 Race Plans

Pierce Spring SCYMeet (Masters – Woodland Hills) – April 7, 2013

UCLA Bruin Masters SCY Swim Meet (Masters – Los Angeles) – April 21, 2013

Nautica 6 mile Open Water Swim (Santa Barbara) – July 14, 2013

Dwight Crum Pier To Pier Swim (Hermosa/Manhattan Beach) – August 4, 2013

Distance Swim Challenge 12.6 miles (Manhattan Beach/Santa Monica) – August, 2013  (‘A’ Race)

Malibu International (relay) and Classic (individual) Triathlon – September 7 & 8, 2013

Marine Corp Marathon (Washington DC) – October 24, 2013  (‘A’ Race)

Ironman Los Cabos – March 30, 2014


I’ve got 2 new goals for this year.  The first is to finish a marathon swim.  2 years ago I swam the 4.8 mile race at the Distance Swim Challenge, and it honestly was not all that difficult. I was able to negative split it and finished in 2:22. Knowing that distance swimming is something I can manage fairly well,  I want to take a stab at the 12.6 mile race at the same event, where you swim from the Manhattan Beach Pier to the Santa Monica Pier.  Its a little daunting, but since all I can do for the next couple of months is swim, I totally think its within the realm of possibility.  I will have to do a 10k qualifying swim beforehand, so I’m targeting a 6 mile swim that happens in Santa Barbara every summer as the gauge/barometer for the 12.6. If all goes well with that race, then I fully intend to become a legitimate marathon swimmer.

The second ‘A’ race on the list is the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington D.C.  If I ever want to compete at the age group level in triathlon, I have to get faster at running.  I’m right there in terms of the swim and bike, but running is my achilles heal.  Frankly, I’m just too effing big to be able to run as fast as I need to.  How do I fix that?  I refocus my ‘paleo’ efforts over the coming months to shed pounds, swim my ass off, and set a goal of getting that sub/4:00 marathon time that has eluded me across my 7 previous marathons (current PR sits at 4:30).  While sub/4:00 still isn’t good enough to compete (the top age grouper in my division at IM Cabo threw down a 3:30!) , it would be a huge deal for me in terms of my running and would at least show I’m headed in the right direction.

This is obviously completely dependent on coming back healthy.  So far I’ve found it VERY difficult to stay off my foot.  Crutches are such a massive pain in the ass, and everything takes 5 times as long when I use them.  With the boot on, its so very tempting to walk, and I need to check myself immediately.

I put Ironman Cabo in 2014 on the list, although it completely remains to be seen whether or not that’s going to happen or not.  Its a year away, and I have a few months before I would really need to commit to that.  If everything goes as planned, its something I’d definitely like to do.  But things rarely go as planned, so in the meantime I’ll take a wait and see approach with it.