#missionpossible Challenge – Day 3

#missionpossible Challenge – Day 3

Mar 08
#missionpossible Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 of the #missionpossible challenge was all about creativity.  We were given the option to create our own workout from 3 different categories, and it didn’t disappoint.  I’ve never done burpees before…..I’ve seen them, have always said I would try them, but have always found a way to avoid them. Let me just say this…. that shit is hard!  My left knee doesn’t agree with them all that well, but I’d like to think that over time maybe that will change.  Denial?  Yes.  But I’m going to do them anyways.

Here’s what today was all about:

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I chose:

50 Crunches

50 Bicycle Crunches

1:00 Plank

25 Tricep Dips

25 Squats (with weight)

20 Pushups

2:00 Stair Climb

1:00 Jump Rope

15 Burpees

And for good measure I added in 25 Box Jumps and 25 Step-ups.

Day 3 is done bitches!  Up next, Day 4……