Base 2 – Recovery Week Recap

Base 2 – Recovery Week Recap

Feb 25

Its only been about 2 months since I started ‘training’ again, so the difference between a recovery week and a non-recovery week is blurry at best.  At this point, it really only amounts to about 2 fewer hours of training (8 hours this week versus 10 the previous week).  The main difference was in the mid-week training….no running off the bike on Wednesday, and some days only had single workouts instead of two.

Two hours is still significant though, as it was nice to finally pull back just a hair after a pretty consistent uptick in training volume over the past 8 weeks.  While not fatigued, my body has been consistently sore over the past week or two, so it was time to give it some time to repair and rebuild.


Rest day

This was my 2nd rest day in a row, having taken Sunday off as well.


Track Workout – 4 miles/47:00

The extra day off did me right!  My legs felt fresh and bouncy.  Got in an early morning track workout before the rain hit, working on speed skills.

5:00 Walk
20:00 WU Run
8 X :20 Striders (walk recovery)
2 X :20 High knee skips
2 X :20 quick feet

Masters Swim – 2900 yards/1:00

We worked on endurance.  The thing that sucks about getting old?  It takes a good 1000-1500 yards to warm up.  Once I was warmed up I felt great, but it took about half the workout to get there.

1 X 300
1 X 100 Kick
4 X 100 (Descending 1-4)
1 X 400 @ 6:40
1 X 100 @ 1:50
1 X 300 @ 5:00
2 X 100 @ 1:50
1 X 200 @ 3:20
3 X 100 @ 1:50
1 X 100 Eazy
4 X 100 @ 1:50
1 X 300 CD


Trainer Ride – 13 miles/45:00

Early morning trainer ride, working on speed skills.  Lots of drills, including the ever-brutal hip-abductor crushing one legged drills.  No running off the bike this week.

10:00 WU w 3 X :30 spin-ups
5:00 easy
3 X 1:00 One-Leg drills (each side) w/1:00 recovery
3 X 3:00 High Cadence (105) w/1:00 recovery
6:00 easy CD


Track Workout – 3.75 miles/45:00

Another round of speed skills.  My foot, which up tol this point has been cooperating (not feeling better, but not getting worse), hurt a lot more than usual today.  Its super frustrating that I’m now 7 months removed from my injury, and it STILL hurts.  WTF?!?

5:00 walk
20:00 WU run
8 X :20 striders (walk back recovery)
2 X :20 high knees
2 X :20 quick feet
5:00 CD Walk

Swim Workout – 2400 yards/45:00

Squeezed in a quick swim workout before my rehearsal (played a gig at Molly Malone’s on Friday night with Joe Frank (of Hamilton, Frank & Reynolds)

400 WU
4 X 75 (25 kick, 25 drill, 25 swim) @ 1:45
4 X 50 X :60
3 X 200 @ 3:45 (1-3 descending)
3 X 200 pull @ 3:45 (1-3 descending)
300 CD (odd 50 stroke, even 50 swim)


Bike – 38.71 miles/2:18

It was my weekend with the boys, so I had to get my long ride in on Friday morning. I rode my TT bike up to Palos Verdes from my house and knocked out a traditional Switchback loop before riding back home.  Great ride, except for the D-bag road biker that kept hitching onto my back wheel.  I could write a diatribe about how much I loathe when guys do this when I’m on the TT bike, but I’ll refrain.  All in all, it was a beautiful ride, with a little over 2000 ft of climbing.  My cycling legs are almost back.  A couple more climbing days should just about do it!

Transition Run – 1.52 miles/15:00

I still haven’t run more than 15 minutes off the bike, which should make things pretty interesting this coming weekend at Alcatraz when I have to run 8 miles off the bike.  This could get ugly!



Spent the day with Cooper and Nicholas….had a basketball game and spent some time down at the beach since it was so beautiful out.


Tready run – 7 miles/1:05

My gym has a kids club, so I was able to get a run in while they played basketball.  This was my longest run to date since my injury.  Kept my heart rate in Zone 2, starting at the lower end of my zone so I could increase the pace with each mile for negative splits.  Ran each mile in 9:30, 9:22, 9:22, 9:15, 9:15, 9:05, and 8:45 respectively, all within my Zone 2 range except for the last mile, which was 1-2 bpm above the HR2 threshold.

#2500crunches Challenge

From Thursday to Sunday I did 525 crunches.  I’m completely behind on the challenge so I’ve got some WORK  to do this week, but this is going to happen!  I took Sunday off to let my abs recover, as they (along with my lower back) were effing sore!

To Sum It Up

The recovery week has my body feeling great.  However, I’m getting pretty concerned about my foot.  The level of pain in my foot increased for the first time since I started training again.  I feel like its partially my fault, as I slacked on my calf stretching and icing big-time, so its not hard to connect the dots. I’m going to see how this next week goes, but if it doesn’t get better it might be time to make another visit to the doc.  The orthodics I got were supposed to help, but so far my foot has only been worse since I got them.

I have my first race of the year coming up this weekend at Escape From Alcatraz!  I’m not treating it as a race but rather just a training weekend as part of Base 3.  I’m totally looking forward to it!