#2500Crunches Challenge – Day 1

#2500Crunches Challenge – Day 1

Feb 22

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I don’t do crunches.  EVER.

I will ride my bike for days, swim endless laps, run until I collapse, and I even get to the gym 1-2 times a week for a core/strength workout.  But I don’t do crunches.  The closest I seem to ever get to actual crunches is planks (crunches’ distant cousin). But planks are NOT crunches.

So it only makes sense to join a challenge to do #2500crunches in 10 days, which averages out to 250 crunches PER DAY.  This is going to hurt. The good hurt!

Organized by Team In Training’s coaching staffers Emily Conlon and Holly Sortomme, the #2500crunches challenge comes on the heels of their 7 plank challenge.

On day one I did 100 crunches, and my abs were barking at me like a crazed harbor seal that’s inhaled too many boat fuel fumes.  I’m already behind schedule, so I need to come up with a plan to catch up.  The idea of breaking it up across the day seems to make the most sense, as 250 in one sitting just isn’t going to happen having ignored my abs all of these months.  

If you want to join the challenge, contact @goingforgoofy or @hesort on twitter with the #2500crunches hashtag.  We just started yesterday so there’s definitely time to get this did!