Base 2 – Rest Week

Base 2 – Rest Week

Feb 19

I woke up on Monday this week wondering what I had in store in terms of training, and it turns out its a rest/recovery week!  HOLLER!

It comes at a good time, as my legs/body were starting to feel a little bit tired towards the end of last week with the increased volume.  I feel good though, and can definitely feel myself starting to get some fitness back.  I got in some climbing on the bike last weekend, and also ran 6 miles, which is the most I’ve done so far since my foot injury.  My cycle legs are back, and my running legs are not far behind!

I’ve been paying very close attention to my post-workout recovery…..the #Vitamix has become an essential part of my post workout routine.  I’ll crush a smoothie made from fruit/spinach/kale almost immediately after my hard workouts, and I can definitely feel a difference in how my body is bouncing back.  The quality of my training sessions is so much better than  at this time last year, as everything is about heart rate and recovery.

I’m going to get into some more specifics over the course of the coming weeks about heart rate training, #paleo, recovery, and how my approach to this upcoming race season is different from the past 2. Things are definitely very different this year, in mostly good ways.  I’d like to think I’m being smarter about the way I train, but I suppose only time will tell in that department.

Happy recovery week y’all!