Mar 26

I hate tapering.  I feel like I’m jumping out of my own skin.  Its a necessary evil that is probably the worst possible thing about training for a race.  The feeling of being beaten down after a long-training build cycle pales in comparison to the feeling I have right now as I taper for Oceanside 70.3.   I want to ride my bike.  I want to run.  I want to swim.  And I can’t!  I feel bottled up and feel like I need to go punch something.  I can’t concentrate, can’t focus, and feel helpless to do anything about it other than to hydrate and wait patiently for this week to pass by, and it can’t happen fast enough.  I’m ready to get out there and do this already.  I think I’m going to start an anti-tapering movement because I think its complete bullshit.

I had the option to not taper for this race, but noooooooo, I couldn’t just let myself treat Oceanside as another training weekend in the build towards Hawaii/NYC.  But can you blame me?  Its my first official M-Dot, and it IS a Half-Iron after-all. Still, leading into this past week/weekend I was genuinely on the fence about how to approach it. Technically, our team is in week 2 of our current build cycle, so I could have trained hard last week in build week 1 and just disguised this race as nothing more than the big workout for build week 2.  After consulting with one of my coaches and some close friends, I decided that I should go ahead and actually ‘race’ at Oceanside, which inevitably lead to this dreaded feeling I have right at this moment. Right about now I’m wishing I would have just trained straight thru to the race…..but I’m sure I’ll be happy I didn’t come race day.

I feel ready……sort of.  My swim feels solid and I know I’ll be fine on the bike.  Its the run (its ALWAYS the run) that I’m concerned about, primarily because I haven’t put in nearly enough miles to feel fully comfortable with with a post swim/bike half marathon.  My run mileage totals for the past 5 weeks have been 14, 14, 11, 20, and 13 respectively, with very few bricks and a longest run of 12 miles.  That’s not exactly the sort of pre-race mileage I should be logging, but its early in the season so let’s just call it ‘saving my legs’.  Yeah, let’s go with that.  My mantra for the week is “You won’t bonk on the run……you won’t bonk on the run”.

Luckily, the run is flat so gravity won’t be working against me like it does for me and my fellow Clydes on the hilly courses.  We’ll let gravity has its moment to shine at Wildflower, which is right around the corner.

5 days of taper to go before race season gets REAL.  Hopefully I can make it without completely losing my shit.