Feb 28

I suppose it was inevitable.  I finally caved and signed up for the long course at Wildflower.  I knew it was going to happen, it was just a question of when.  After heading up to Paso Robles two weekends ago to preview the course, the decision was made, and redemption will be mine.

Last year I raced at Wildflower, racing both the long course and the Olympic distance.  I had a perfectly good race on the Olympic course on Sunday, but I had one of the toughest days I’ve ever had on the long course the day before.  It windy as all hell, one of my aero-bars on my bike snapped, my back was on fire only 2 hours into the race, and I completely bonked on the run.  I finished, which was all I was hoping for that day (it was my first half-iron), although it took my 7+ hours to do so.  It made me question whether I had it in me to do a full, had me questioning why I was doing any of this in the first place, and was a massive reality check for me in terms of my body weight (it prompted a diet that subsequently saw me drop 30 lbs over the following 2 months).

With an already full race schedule this year, my TNT coaches advised me not to do the long course as I’d run the risk of burning myself out.  I heeded there advice initially and signed up for a long course relay on Saturday and individual Olympic distance on Sunday.  I assembled a team that I think could actually win the relay division…..Elyse Colgan on the swim, me on the bike, and Kaity Murphy on the run.  Everything was in place try and capture relay glory, and then Kaity, myself, and our friend Jasmine made a trip up to the course over President’s Day weekend to preview the course (I don’t really remember much about the course from last year other than pain).

After casually knocking out the half marathon run in just over 2 hours, and then riding the bike course the next day, the relay dream was all but dead.  Kaity and I both knew after previewing the course that we both wanted a shot at redemption, so with Elyse’s blessing we switched it up our registration to do the long on Saturday, Olympic on Sunday, just like last year.

What does this mean for the rest of the race schedule?  I’m not really sure……I have 3 half-irons in just over 3 months.  Oceanside is meant to be a warm-up, and then I’m supposed to choose which race to hammer, either Wildflower or Hawaii, but not both.  The problem is, I’m definitely going to hammer Oceanside, and then I know I won’t be able to contain myself at Wildflower.  So perhaps Hawaii by default falls victim……however, in my mind I have other plans, which is to hammer all 3.  Whether my body cooperates or not is an entirely different story.

So to round up my race plans for 2012:

Desert Tri Olympic

Oceanside 70.3

Wildflower 70.3 and Olympic

Hawaii 70.3

Dwight Crum Pier to Pier Swim

IM US Championships (NYC Full)

Distance Swim Challenge 10k

Malibu Sprint Tri

Chicago Marathon (trumped by Kona if by some miracle I get in via the lottery)