Build Week #2 – Complete

Build Week #2 – Complete

Jan 29

92 miles later, build week #2 is complete and we’re heading into our first recovery week of the 2 week build/1 week recovery cycle.  I’m feeling really, really good right now.   My legs feel strong and the only complaint I have is I can’t seem to get rid of this knot/aching on the right side of my lower back, but what else is new.

We rode 50 miles yesterday in some pretty gnarley wind, but my hatred for the wind seems to have disappeared.  I see it more as a challenge now, and welcome it with open arms.  I figure Hawaii is going to be windy as a mofo, so I need to get in as much wind training as possible.   It certainly helps when my back cooperates and doesn’t scream in pain, and yesterday it totally cooperated. We followed the ride with a 20 minute transition run, and knocked out another 9+ miles this morning.

My mileage total for January is 349 miles, trumping last year’s 267 in a huge way.  I don’t feel like I’m getting in enough run miles, but its still way early in the game.

Here’s to recovery weeks, and I’m looking forward to giving my legs some time to recuperate!