Ironman Round 2 – I’m coming for you New York!

Ironman Round 2 – I’m coming for you New York!

Jan 26

First off, let me just throw it out there that I might be the world’s worst blogger.  So much for talking about my Ironman journey last year.  My last blog entry was so long ago that I didn’t even have a road bike yet.  Yikes! Its a shame that I didn’t keep up with it, as so much crazy, intense, and amazing shit happened over the course of the past year that I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a recap.

I suppose the best way to ‘re-boot’ this sorry excuse for a blog is to talk about what the future holds.

I had such an amazing experience last season training for and FINISHING (Holler!)  Vineman that I’m back for another round.  This time, in full-fledged uber-douchebaggery Lebron fashion, I’ll be taking my talent to NYC bitches!  I’m back in training mode, getting ready for the IM US Championships in August of 2012.  Along the way, I’ll be fundraising with TNT Ironteam again for the IM Hawaii 70.3, and have several tune-up races planned leading up to that (Desert Tri, IM California 70.3, Wildflower Relay and Olympic).

I’m feeling absolutely fantastic right now physically, the best I’ve felt in years.  I’ve managed to drop about 45 lbs since my 2009 ankle surgery, a super dark period in my life when the blubber took over my existence and swallowed my soul ala Evil Dead 3.  I came out of that surgery feeling defeated, old, and resigned to the fact that the bounce I used to have in my step had been relegated to the ‘back when I was young’ days.  Its been a huge battle getting to where I am now, as getting back in shape has been wrought with pain that extends beyond that of normal soreness from working out.  As the title of this blog implies, I’ve had several injuries that have prompted doctors to encourage me to give up running altogether.  I refused and proved them wrong, as I’m an Ironman now and they can never take that away from me.

With that said, my journey is not over, but is hopefully just beginning.  Last year was about proving to myself that I could be an Ironman while doing it under the banner of helping fight cancer.  This year is about improving on the foundation I’ve built and seeing just how far I can push myself, while at the same time helping a new crop of Ironmen and women to-be share in the same experience I had by joining the TNT Ironteam Staff.  We’ve got a really great group of people on the team again this year, a mix of newbies, tri veterans, and TNT alumni, and with a bigger team this year we’ll be able to make an even bigger contribution to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, hopefully to the tune of over $350,000+.

We are in Build Week 2 of our first build cycle right now.  This weekend we will be doing a ride that I actually posted about last year when I was still on my mountain bike.  I was terrified after doing just a 2 mile transition run off the bike as my legs were completely shot, and I was wondering aloud how I could possibly run a marathon after riding.  Hahaha!  What a difference a year makes.  I was just telling a friend this morning that it doesn’t seem real that I haven’t even had my road bike for a year.  It feels like its been a part of me for ages.  Its such a strange yet wonderful feeling, as its a commentary on just how much has happened in the past year.  Not all of it has been good, which I’m sure I’ll comment on at some point, but for now I’m going to stick to swim/bike/run, and this time I’m going to actually follow thru and keep this blog updated!

Until next time…….