Back in the Water

Back in the Water

Feb 04

I finally got to swim again this morning!  My kick-ass physical therapist, Mary Baker over at Evolution, told me to give it a shot today to see how my shoulder feels. She said not to push it and to restrict myself to around 250m or so, which is exactly what I did.

At first I was a little worried….the first 2 laps were nerve-racking as hell.  There was a lot of crunchiness is my shoulder, and I could tell the muscles and AC joint were trying to work themselves out.  I felt occasional pinches/twinges of pain, but mostly just soreness from the rehab exercises I’ve been doing.

After 150m I started to feel comfortable.  I was swimming super slow, and barely using any upper body strength.  I was more focused on just working on the motion of swimming to make sure I could actually do it without pain.

I think it was a success, but the real indicator will be how I feel tomorrow.  I’ve been icing all day to keep the swelling down, and if I feel good tomorrow I’ll probably hit the pool again to do another 250m or so.  Our first TNT race is coming up in a little over a month (Desert Tri), so I need to build up my swimming conditioning relatively quickly once I know my shoulder is ok.

Most importantly, I can scale back the damn kick-boarding. :)