Its getting real

Its getting real

Jan 10

Its 2011, and that means the team is starting to crank it up with the training.  I cracked my first 10 hour training week since back in my high school cross country days.  Last week looked like this:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2000m swim, 5.88 mile run (fartlek)

Wednesday: 9.82 mile run

Thursday: 24 mile ride

Friday: 1900m swim

Saturday: Brick – 31 mile ride, 2 mile run

Sunday: 9.71 mile run, 45 minutes of basketball

Looking back to a year ago when I was first entertaining the idea of doing the Redondo Sprint Tri, this training week looks insane compared to what I was doing at this time last year, and its just the beginning.

The hardest day by far was Saturday, as I’m still on the mountain bike and 31 miles on that thing is just a huge pain in my ass.  I’m VERY close to getting my road bike.  I think I’ve settled on what I’m getting, and if everything works out I should have it by the end of the week. Its hard to imagine running 26.2 miles after both the bike and swim.  The 2 that we did this past weekend was HARD.  Running after riding a bike is such a different animal than running on fresh legs, but it should get easier with time.

I’m taking a break from training this weekend to head up to mammoth with my son Cooper’s Adventure Guides group.  We’ll be hitting the slopes both days so I’m not to worried about missing practice.

I’ve submitted my recommitment paperwork and reached the first fundraising milestone, so there’s no turning back!

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