Ironman Update – 12/24/10

Ironman Update – 12/24/10

Dec 24

The year is almost up, and training for the Vineman Full Triathlon is in high gear.  I had a slow start between taking some time off after NYC Marathon to recover and the re-emerging back issues around Thanksgiving, but all is good in training land now. My back feels “good” again, and I’m in my 2nd week of intense training that includes multiple 2-a-days throughout both weeks. As if the Vineman full wasn’t enough, I signed up for LA Marathon a few months back, so with that race 3 months away I’m already moving into build phase of a marathon program while at the same time working on a foundation for the Ironman distance tri. I’m already logging the same number of training hours per week that I was logging during peak training for Malibu Tri last year (which is a little scary), but my body feels good and I feel like I’m on the verge of breaking thru to a new level of fitness, at least from a stamina and strength standpoint.

I still haven’t made any strides on the nutrition/diet side of the equation.  There’s so much conflicting information…….I’m supposed to be reducing my carb intake and focusing on a low glycemic, protein rich diet full of lean meats and vegetables.  But I’m finding that I just can’t sustain my energy with this many hours of training when I cut down my carb intake that much.  What do I do?  I’m worried that as the training hours increase its going to be harder and harder to get my nutrition right.  Nutrition is the hardest part of the training for me…..I have not unlocked this side of it yet. I do know this…..I’ve got to drop some of the bulk for a race this distance.

The next big step for me with Vineman training it to get a road bike.  Up until now I’ve been riding a mountain bike.  Its been fine for now, but we’re about to ramp up the miles and the MB just isn’t going to cut it much longer.  I haven’t been able to get a road bike yet because I’m on the tail end of a several month stretch where I haven’t been paid for any of my work…….one of the most frustrating parts of my job is that I can work months on end without getting paid, and its turned into a huge hurdle for me in terms of buying a new bike.  I’ve been working on several shows since August, and none of them could get a single invoice processed before the holidays despite the Xmas pleas. I’m not really sure in what world this is ok, but on the music side of the television world it seems to be standard practice.

What this all means for me is that a new road bike is not happening for me until I finally have some $$$ flowing thru my business again, which should be the first of the year.  My work life is feast or famine….I’ll go months without getting paid a dime, and then everything will all come in at once.  It makes for a budgeting nightmare, but my company has some pretty exciting plans for 2011 to bring a little more stability to the business side of my life, so I’m pumped on getting a running start into the new year, both on the training front and with my work life.  I’m SO excited to get a road bike, which will be my first. I’ve never ridden one before, but I’m feeling fairly confident that I’ll pick it up quickly.  Mountain biking has been good to me over the years, and I’m looking forward to transitioning from more instense/short uphill and downhill riding to longer/endurance style rides.

The most exciting part of everything so far has been the team.  I haven’t met everyone yet, but the people I have met have all been awesome.  The ones that haven’t done this before all share the same combination of nervous excitement and the “Are we crazy for doing this?” denial, while the ones that have done it all seem to have the same sly grin like they know a big secret that can’t really be explained with words. :) There’s been a lot of laughs already, some rain-soaked runs, and the inevitable upgrade from half to full Iron distance by those that are realizing that they might as well go big if they’re going to do this.  I totally look forward to my Tuesday night and Saturday morning group swims/runs/rides.  I wish there was one tomorrow, but its Xmas.  I personally think the baby Jesus would WANT us to get together to ride/run. :)

I’m close to my first fundraising goal, so if anyone reading this wants to help me get over the hump, here’s the link:

Scott’s TNT Vineman Fundraining Page